Michael P. Wolcott

Courses Taught


Multidisciplinary Engineering Design I. 3 credits. Needs analysis and conceptualization of technological products and business plan for target market; multidisciplinary team development.

Multidisciplinary Engineering Design II. 3 credits. Prototype solution developed and evaluated and business plan completed; presentation to stake holders; team development and assessment.

Structural Composite Material Design. 3 credits. Behavior, analysis and design of fiber-reinforced plastic composite structures; micro, ply and laminate mechanics; reinforcement of concrete and wood.

Innovation in Design. 2 credits. Engineering and architectural creativity; role, function, enhancement, integration in design methods. Team taught.

Statics.  3 credits. Engineering mechanics concepts; force systems; static equilibrium; centroids, centers of gravity; shear and moment diagrams; friction; moments of inertia..   

Dynamics.  3 credits.  Kinematics and kinetics of particles and rigid bodies.  Energy methods and impulse/momentum solutions to dynamic problems.  

Statics and Strength of Materials.  4 credits.  Force and moment systems, force resultants, equilibrium, truss analysis, stress, strain, material properties, tension and compression loading, beam theory.


Advanced Topics in Structural Engineering.  3 credits.  Elastic stability, plates and shells, other relevant topics.

Advanced Topics in Environmental Engineering Practice.  V 1-4 credits.  Analysis and evaluation of air/water/soil pollution problems, new measurement methods, hazardous waste treatment, global climate change, and water/wastewater treatments.

Natural Fiber Thermoplastic Composites.  3 credits.  Lecture and laboratory course on the design and manufacture of natural fiber thermoplastic composites.  Fundamentals of natural fibers and polymers.  Fundamentals of natural fibers and polymers, compounding, die design, material structure, short fiber composite theory, creep, creep-rupture, applications, and product engineering.

Engineered Wood Composites.  3 credits.  Lecture course on the design and use of engineered wood composite materials.  Beam and plate elements are included.

Design and Processing of Wood Composites.  3 credits.  Lecture and laboratory on the theory and practice of manufacturing non-veneer wood composites.

Advanced Mechanics of Materials.  3 credits. Elastic stress-strain relations, shear center, unsymmetrical bending, curved beams, elastic stability, elastically supported beams, energy methods, thin plates, shells.

Graduate Seminar.  1 credit.  Lectures and reports on current developments in research and practice.

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